Prof. Dr. Werner Leitner

Prof Dr Werner Leitner

Prof Dr Werner Leitner was born in 1959. He has practised as a defence lawyer since 1989 and as an accredited specialist for criminal law since 1997.

Before embarking on his career as a lawyer Werner Leitner studied in Munich. Following a period in Chicago he served as an attaché for the German Foreign Office. In 1989 Werner Leitner left the world of diplomacy and started his career as a defence lawyer.

In 1993, together with colleagues Werner Leitner founded his own law firm, which soon made a name for itself in the field of criminal law. Werner Leitner’s firm LEITNER & PARTNER now focuses entirely on corporate criminal law.

He acts as a defence lawyer, a representative of co-plaintiffs and as a witness adviser, and frequently also provides discreet advice from the sidelines. His clients include many figures active in public life.

In cases with an international dimension, he is regularly consulted both in Germany and elsewhere.

He speaks at major specialist conferences and advises senior personnel in companies and law firms. He also participates in panel discussions and public events.

Prof Dr Werner Leitner is member of the executive committee of the criminal law working group of the German bar association, Europe’s largest organization for criminal lawyers. He was its chairman from 2004 until 2016. He often appears on the criminal law committees of the German bar association and the German federal chamber of lawyers.

The University of Augsburg appointed Werner Leitner honorary professor.

For many years now he has served on professional disciplinary tribunals. He was appointed presiding judge  and member of the executive committee of the Bavarian tribunal for the legal profession.

Werner Leitner is a member of European and international associations including the ICB and the ECBA.

He is the author of many publications on criminal law and procedure and is the joint editor of the journal Strafverteidiger Forum.

Werner Leitner can advise clients in English, French and Spanish as well as German.